Access Statement

The Miricia Guest House has 11 bedrooms over three floors which are all accessed by a central stair case. Due to the age and design of the building we do not have a lift, however we will try to help as much as possible to accommodate your stay with us. Regrettably if you do find stairs difficult to climb we may not be the accommodation you seek.


You can book with us via e-mail, online, phone or in writing. We require your first night's payment as a deposit to secure your room.

We are a ten minute walk from the town centre. There is no bus service to the Miricia Guest House, however Taxis can be booked at the train or bus station.

There is also a number of mobility shops in Scarborough were you are able to hire goods, scooters can be hired out for a small daily charge.


Car parking is street parking and no spaces can be reserved, however it is controlled by a disc/permit system. Upon arrival you will receive a free disc/permit that will cover the duration of your stay. Disabled spaces are available but very limited and sadly not that close.

Outside our property we have a sign stating our name, number and e-mail. There is a small step onto our footpath which is paving stones approximately 10 metres long were there is a threshold step at the entrance.

We have a push door bell system one located on the outside and one located on the inner door.

Main Entrance & Reception

The entrance into the building is flat apart from the small threshold step approximately 2 inches. There are two doors into the building although the outside door is normally open during the day and weather permitting.

In the reception you have access to the guest lounge, dining room and staircase to guest rooms. There is seating available in reception and there is also a service bell for assistance.

Lounge & Dining Room

Lounge and dining room are both accessed via the reception area on the ground floor.

The guest lounge has a solid fire door and is available for you to use at your leisure. The seating is a leather suite and comprises of a 3 seater and 2 singles. There is plenty of lighting available all of which are energy efficient bulbs.

The dining room has a split panel glass door, glass panels with safety glass. Tables and chairs are made from wood and can be moved to accommodate if needed.

Stairs & Landings

We have three floors, all accessed by one staircase. The staircase is fully carpeted and is split into 6 sections with 2 sections to each floor. There are 17 steps to the 1st floor, 35 steps to the 2nd floor and 50 steps to the 3rd floor. Each floor has a small landing area from which all bedrooms are accessed and public/private bathrooms. Each floor is fitted with a push botton timer light switch.


We have five en-suite rooms, all have a shower, toilet and sink although not all sinks are located in the en-suite itself.

We have five standard rooms all of which have their own sink located in the room. Two of the standard rooms are located on the first floor and share a bathroom (shower and toilet). Three of the standard rooms are located on the third floor and all share a bathroom (bath with shower above and toilet).

One room located on the second floor has its own private bathroom (shower and toilet) three feet from the room with a lock on the door and the key is provided for this room only.

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